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While at MacTown, Inc., you are entitled to officially submit a complaint by using the Grievance Form and Procedure, if a situation you are concerned about is not effectively resolved by staff (Case Manager, Supervisors on duty, etc.) This form (and its procedure) is to be used in any complaint regarding:

a.  Services or Activities offered at the Center;

b.  Day-to-Day Operations of the Center;

c.  Center staff behavior towards a Participant;

d.  Disciplinary action(s) taken towards the Participant (s) by Center staff members or service providers located at the Center; or

e.  Decisions/Determinations made by the Center staff members or Service Providers located at the Center to deny or exclude a Participant (s)from access to or participation in a service or activity offered at the Center.

The grievance form is available in the following locations:

a. Front Lobby

b. Participant Relations Coordinator’s Office

c. Case Manager’s Office

To submit or file a grievance, participants must complete the Grievance Form outlining the facts upon which the concern is based. The statement should be in his or her personal words whenever possible. Once completed and submitted, the grievance resolution process will begin. The grievance can be submitted to Human Resources, Jenya Ninaquiste. Please keep in mind that Participants will never be denied access to this form.

The grievance procedure is as follows:

1. If you have a grievance, you must submit your grievance in writing to the Participants Case Manager, using the form attached.

2. Your grievance will be reviewed by the Participants Case Manager and the Program Services Manager. In the discretion of the Managers, your grievance may also be reviewed by the members of the Human Resources Department assigned to your case.

3. The Participants Case Manager and Program Services Manager will investigate the matter and render a decision in writing to you within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed five (5) business days. You are entitled to a copy of this decision and copy of the decision will be placed in your case file. 

If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the Participants Case Manager and Program Services Manager, you may appeal this decision to the Leadership Team to include the Operations Manager and / or Human Services and/or the VP of MacTown, Inc. To make an appeal you must submit to the Leadership Team, a copy of your original grievance, plus a copy of Participant Case Manager/Program Manager’s written decision.

4. The Leadership Team will investigate the matter from all points of view and will render a decision in writing to you within a reasonable period, not to exceed 5 business days.

5. You are entitled to a copy of the Final decision. A Copy of the Final decision will be forwarded to the Participants Case Manager and the Program Services Manager. A Copy will be placed in your case file as well as distributed to members of the Multi-Disciplinary Human Resources Dept. assigned to your case.

6. The Leadership Team is the final arbiter in the grievance procedure at MacTown

Contact Information to file a Grievance is as follows:

Human Services Director, Email:

Address: MacTown, Inc., 151 NE 62nd Street, Miami, Florida 33138

Ph. (305) 758-4485


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