Behavior Services

We offer Behavior Analysis and Behavior Assistant services in a variety of settings, including Intermediate Care Facilities, Group Homes, Adult Day Training centers, and within the community.

Intermediate Care Facility

Since 1973, this residential facility has provided a nurturing home to fifty-six adults with developmental disabilities, equipping them with essential life skills and social abilities to thrive in society.

Residential Habilitation

Our Group Homes provide residential services in a warm and welcoming family-like setting, creating an ideal environment for learning, fostering healthy relationships, and living together in harmony.

Adult Day Training

The Adult Day Training program (ADT) is a daily program that provides both functional academic and vocational training skills.

In-Home Support

We provide support for individuals who live in their own homes or apartments with completing their daily living activities.

Supported Independent Living

We assist individuals with their daily living skills, including money management, housekeeping, and transportation needs.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment services assist individuals with developmental disabilities in overcoming obstacles within the community that may hinder their ability to find and maintain employment.


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