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Violet Gonzalez Director of Community Relations and Corporate Advancement

My name is Violet Gonzalez and I am the Director of Community Relations and Corporate Advancement for MACtown, Inc.

My responsibilities include engaging, promoting and creating goodwill for MACtown by writing, selecting and distributing pertinent information about what MACtown is and does, through various communication media. I also interact with members of the community by inviting them for a tour of our facilities to see all the wonderful things that we do and to meet the amazing people that we serve. Furthermore, I am responsible for hosting special events such as informational booths, job fairs, theater nights, art exhibits, charity galas and receptions, to raise awareness to benefit people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

In addition, I also speak as a representative of MACtown and its interests in government affairs.  I am a legislative advocate for the developmentally disabled and spend a considerable amount of time talking to our state legislators in Tallahassee on issues that affect and impact the people we serve.

In terms of corporate advancement I am continually seeking, observing, receiving and otherwise obtaining information from relevant sources which enables me to find sources of revenue (e.g. grants, donations, government programs, etc.) that will help MACtown in its effort of “furthering the independence of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.” This requires the ability to think creatively, develop and design new materials, produce new ideas, and foster new relationships, all in an effort to benefit MACtown, thereby maximizing our opportunities and advantages through active networking.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of the MACtown Family.  I welcome any new and innovative ideas you may have that will benefit the people we serve at MACtown, Inc.

You may contact me at:

Violet A. Gonzalez
MACtown, Inc.
151 NE 62nd Street
Miami, Florida  33138
Tel:  305-758-4485, Ext. #2241
Cell:  305-495-2686
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Furthering the Independence of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Address:151 NE 62nd Street
Miami, FL 33138

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